Our Terms of Service
(4Vanilla ToS)

By using our website you are bound by our Terms of Service.

By using our website you are bound by our Privacy Policy.

Valid methods of communication and contact are indicated on our Contact page.

We reserve the right to cancel suspicious orders.

We reserve the right to prevent website access to certain individuals.

We reserve the right to request additional personal information (usually verification of identity) from customers where we deem it necessary, in order to prevent abuse of our services. This right applies to all services provided, including but not limited to delivery of game currency "game items", delivery of game accounts "playable characters", powerleveling, boosting and advertising services. If a customer ignores to provide such information, the service is considered completed. These kind of requests are rare and usually requested for orders which appear to be fraudulent (e.g. stolen payment accounts, cards).

By making a purchase for one of our services, you are bound by our Refund Policy. No exceptions.

We reserve the right to update our Refund Policy without notifying our existing customers for whom we are still performing a service (usually Advertising, Powerleveling & Boosting). All updates and changes to our Refund Policy will be clearly labelled with a date of change including what was changed. Old purchases are not affected by updates coming after the purchase date & time.